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Pull Up Flash

Click to open flash content on web pages in Flash Player

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Click to open flash content on web pages in Flash Player

Pull Up Flash lets you run flash games and movies you come across online in 2021 and beyond in Chromium-based browsers (Google Chrome, Edge, Brace, Vivaldi, etc.) and Firefox.


Platform Type Link
Windows Installer Download
Windows Standalone Download
MacOS Installer Download
MacOS Standalone Download
Linux Installer Download
Linux Standalone Download


Browser Link
Chrome Install
Firefox Install



Pull Up Flash works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 64-bit architecture is required.


  1. Download the appropriate installer/standalone program for your operating system by clicking the link above.
    • The standalone version will run while the window is open. The installer version will install a silent background process that persists through reboot.
    • On Mac and Linux, you will have to unzip the file.
  2. Open/run the file. If using the installer version, you can run the file again to uninstall.
    • On Mac, you may need to grant Accessibility permission. This is to allow Pull Up Flash to bring windows to the front.
    • On Linux, you will be prompted for your root password (only in installer mode), in order to add your program as a startup service.
    • On Linux, if you run from the GUI by double-clicking the file, you likely won’t see a window, but it will still install!
  3. Install the Browser Extension.

Additional Notes

Full Description

The Flash Player web plugin is no longer supported, but Flash player for desktop is still distributed by Adobe. Pull Up Flash allows you to easily run Flash content by replacing it on web pages with a button you can click to open the game or movie in Flash Player for desktop.

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For Developers


You will need npm and Node.js installed. You will also need pkg installed (npm install -g pkg).

  1. Download this repository
  2. cd to this repository
  3. Run npm install
    • Note: You need the version of node on your computer to match the version of node pkg will bundle.
  4. Run npm build
  5. The binaries will be located in the dist folder.

Note: You should build the binaries on the platform you’re building for. Specifically Windows, which has some dependencies that aren’t installed on Linux and Mac during npm install, so they would not be bundled in the binary.


You can simply run npm start after running npm install to test. You can use the --install flag too, but it may not work. The installer is designed to be run from the pkged version.

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